The University of Oklahoma Biocorrosion


The Biocorrosion Center Team

Our team is a collaborating group of scientists and engineers with one goal—combating biocorrosion. It is composed of preeminent investigators on the leading edge of biocorrosion research as well as experts in the anaerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbon compounds. The Center also has expertise in a variety of related fields including environmental chemistry, microbial identification and taxonomy, molecular microbial ecology, biofilm biology, and bioremediation. A high degree of interaction amongst Center personnel makes us uniquely and distinctly equipped to identify, monitor and mitigate the problems associated with carbon-steel biocorrosion.

Principal Investigators

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Joseph Suflita, Ph.D.
Kathleen Duncan, Ph.D.
Iwona Beech, Ph.D.
Mark Nanny, Ph.D.
Jan Sunner, Ph.D.
Deniz Aktas, Ph.D.
Tiffany Lenhart, Ph.D.
Paul Lawson, Ph.D.
Irene Davidova, Ph.D.
Bradley Stevenson, Ph.D.
Levent Aktas, Ph.D.

Research Activity


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