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Bradley S. Stevenson, Assistant Professor

Dr. Bradley Stevenson

Department of Botany and Microbiology
Prof of Microbial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology

University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK 73019

Research program:

My research interests are focused on the incredible diversity of microbial assemblages, how they are formed, how they respond to various ecological and environmental forces, and their function.  This requires a range of perspectives from the ecosystem to the individual cell.  I use molecular and cultivation approaches hand-in-hand to conduct this research.

One of the most exciting areas of my research is the cultivation of novel, previously uncultivated microorganisms.  I target microorganisms that are dominant but uncharacterized members of microbial communities, and/or participate in polymicrobial processes such as the degradation of complex carbon substrates (landfills, oil reservoirs), corrosion of metal surfaces, or the production of bioactive secondary compounds (antiinfective or nueroprotective compounds).  Like the microorganisms I study, my research is enhanced through collaboration with many talented and diverse colleagues.  Virtually all of my research is multidisciplinary, involving geochemistry, geology, natural product chemistry, and corrosion science.

Contributions to Biocorrosion Center:
My laboratory conducts metagenomic analyses of field samples (e.g. bulk fluids, pig solids, surface-associated biofilms) and enrichment cultures.  Our main goal is to develop correlations between the community composition (taxa present), structure (relative abundance of taxa), and function (biocorrosion, biodegradation).  My group is also conducting experiments with cultivated representative taxa in an effort to better understand their role in surface attachment and biocorrosion.

Research team:
Heather Drilling (

Dr. Stevenson
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