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Center Executive Committee

The mission of the Center Executive Committee is to ensure the quality of the investigations conducted by the OU Biocorrosion Center and to set the research agenda by identifying the most important areas for inquiry with specific regard to the biocorrosion problems faced by the oil and gas sector. The Center Executive Committee provides strategic oversight, develops necessary policies and practices, and makes funding decisions.


The Center Executive Committee includes technical peers knowledgeable of biocorrosion issues and representative of appropriate technical disciplines commensurate with Center activities. Members include one representative per sponsoring industry, one individual internal to OU, one non-sponsoring member, and the Center Director as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

Industrial Advisory Board

The mission of the Industrial Advisory Board is to identify the major biocorrosion issues in the field and communicate that information to the OU Biocorrosion Center constituencies. In effect, members of the Industrial Advisory Board will serve as liaisons between field operations and the Center. This will help ensure that Center investigators address the most relevant and important biocorrosion problems faced by the oil and gas industry.


The Industrial Advisory Board is composed of 5 members from each sponsoring entity who are technical personnel with responsibilities related to biocorrosion. Members are selected and appointed by the Center Executive Committee.



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