The University of Oklahoma Biocorrosion


Invest in the Center's Efforts

The Biocorrosion Center will adapt molecular techniques including microarray technology, qPCR and a host of traditional and advanced procedures to meet the practical needs of the oil and gas industry. This includes new methods for metabolic profiling in order to diagnose and monitor biocorrosion processes as well as evaluate the impact of mitigation options. A major impedance to this goal is the lack of knowledge of the specific microbes/microbial communities/metabolites to target. Using samples previously collected from the field in conjunction with those provided by new companies, we will be continuously refining and improving our methods and approaches. If your company is interested in joining the OU Biocorrosion Center or would like to know more about the Biocorrosion Center, please contact our Director.

Why OU?

  • Strength in Anaerobic Microbiology
  • Strength in Environmental Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbon Metabolomics
  • Microarray Technology
  • Isolation and cultivation of important anaerobes
  • Molecular biology expertise
  • Widespread faculty interest
  • Partnering with electrochemistry expertise
  • Traditional links with Energy Industry
  • Links with the Office of Naval Research 
  • Still poorly understood process--
    • New insights possible based on advances in modern molecular biology
    • New insights based on metabolomics
    • New technologies for diagnosis and mitigation
    • Chance for fundamental discoveries
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Heightened awareness of problems (expensive, extensive, environmental impact)
  • Changing environmental regulatory demands
  • New fuels in existing infrastructure
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